Field Day at Oriole Beach Elementary 2014

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It had been postponed for weeks due to excessive rains and flooding but the day finally arrived for the 5th grade at Oriole Beach Elementary to head outside and participate in track and field day.  This would be Claire’s first time participating in what we called at Pine Forest as “Field Day”.  Even though OBE called it track and field it will always be field day to me.  All I knew was it was scheduled to be held from 9:30-11:30 so I made sure I would be part of it.  I arrived promptly at 9:30 to find all six 5th grade classes lined up and the beginning of class relays starting.

Each class cheered on their fellow classmates as they took turns going down and back performing a task given.  I watched as Claire took her turn race after race.  As much as she is supposed to like each event, I think her gold medal event was socializing.  Her turn in the relay was just a quick distraction from her true goal of enjoying time with newly made friends.

From tug-of-war to ice cream in the face, it was fun to watch her fit in and enjoy her final year in elementary school.  I can’t believe this is an end of an era.  There will be no more field days in my future (or until I get to go as grandma).  I know she could of cared less if I was there and at times probably wished I wasn’t, but these moments go by so quickly and as I think back on all the field days I have attended I can say, with a tear in my eye, I will miss it.