Memorial Weekend 2014

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(Compilation video at the end)

This was our second Memorial Day weekend since moving to Florida. Last year we were still unpacking in a rental house and had no clue what to do in our new found city.  This year we were happily settled into our new home but still were unsure how we would spend our days off.  The thought crossed our mind to have a cookout with a few of our closest friends but the motivation to prepare for such an event was lacking.  I had taught 4 days prior to the weekend.  I’m not looking for sympathy as most people work full time jobs and get things accomplished.  I guess I’m just not good at it.  My house was a wreck and I was just plain tired.

So we decided to take it one day at a time.  Starting with Friday.  Claire had plans to spend the night at a friends house and practice for the talent show (not a huge production like our previous elementary school – it was grade level only).  Carly came home saying she too had plans to hang out with friends.  No complaints from Craig and I.  Both kids found their way to other peoples houses.  Date night for Craig and I.  Dinner and shopping is what we did.  Carly did not spend the night so we picked her up later on in the night.

Saturday came and it was a beautiful hot day.  I had already made the decision I was going to stay in a swimsuit all weekend long.  Isn’t that one of the traditional things you do for such a weekend?  Ok, so the Memorial weekend is not supposed to be about cookouts and swimming.  I get it.  I did put a flag out by the mailbox and I had many moments thinking about my own family members who have served in our military. Since there was to be no cookout, the swimming part was all I had left of tradition.  Carly and I decided to do a little shopping taking advantage of the holiday sales.  We found her another swimsuit in the process.  For the record, I did go shopping in my swimsuit.  I told you I was on a mission. We ended the day with frosty’s from Wendy’s on the Oriole Beach boat dock.

Sunday came and it was Claire’s turn to go shopping.  She was in need of a graduation dress so off we went.  We spent a few hours in Pensacola and succeeded in finding her a dress.   After two days of shopping I was done.  I was ready to make my fingers wrinkled and work on my tan.  The backyard pool was calling and so was my swimsuit.  The rest of Sunday was spent in the pool.  Claire’s friend Alli came over and joined us.  We even decided to blow up the old water slide we have had for years.  Some of us might of exceeded the weight limit but that didn’t stop us from a day of water fun.  Alli ended up spending the night as did Carly’s friend Isabelle (Izzy).

Monday, Memorial Day, arrived and both girls left in the morning.  How could we end a summertime holiday without a trip to the beach.  Isn’t that one reason we moved here?  So swimsuits back on and to the beach it was.  What a beautiful day it was.  We took the GoPro camera with us.  Carly, in true teenage form, stayed on shore most of the day working on her tan.  Craig, Claire and I made our way out in the ocean there we spent the next few hours.

I have made a video for us to remember our weekend in swimsuits with unplanned activities.  We did grill as a family if that counts as a cookout.  These are moments we will always treasure and the video below will only help us remember.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

In memory of both my grandfathers who are no longer here to tell their stories of what it meant to serve for our country.  I miss them so.  To honor the living family members who also chose to serve/are serving.  I remember and honor you, from my swimsuit.