Our Family

We are a family of four living our life by making memories and moments all of our own. Follow along through our website as it’s never a dull moment.


My name is Kristen and I am the mom and the main contributor to our site. I have a degree in Elementary Education yet my toughest teaching job has been raising my two daughters. I am currently a substitute teacher and CEO of our household. I have a love for photography and in turn find myself wanting to photograph every moment with my kids along with the beauty of our world. I also enjoy volunteering, shopping, natural medicine, nutrition, travel, Disney World, and the beach. I love the beach so much we decided to move there this past year. Beyond my hobbies and my children,I am the keeper of our pets and proud to be the wife to my life partner, Craig. This is my life, our life. Our crazy life.

306 This is the head of the household Craig.  Father of our two children.  Depositor of the bank account.  Jack-of-all-trades in the family.  Cellular engineer in the daytime and chef, pool cleaner, yard mower, computer guru, beer drinker, kite flyer, father and husband all the rest of the hours.  He also loves the beach (which helps since we chose to move to one), seafood, doing crazy things and traveling.  He is happiest with a beer in one hand, toes in the sand, and people he loves with him.



TDSC_0067-2hese are our beautiful daughters.  We often wonder how we were blessed to be their parents.  Carly is our oldest and definitely hit the teenage years.  Claire is our youngest and has sure turned into a tween.  Carly’s main passion is art and has her goals set to follow an art path through high school and possibly into college.  Claire loves ballet and cheer.  He hopes this coming year to further her ballet classes and make it into point shoes.  But no matter, we are proud of who they are and who they have become.  Both love to travel and explore new places.  Carly had an amazing opportunity to travel to Greece and Rome for spring break of her 8th grade year.  She loved it so much she wants to go back.  Claire is a momma’s girl and is a people pleaser.  She likes to follow the rules which makes her momma proud.  Both have good grades in school and I know will one day be successful in whatever life gives them.